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Steve Lesnard is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at The North Face. In love This podcast, Steve says that he loves seeing the power of human nature rising to the occasion. He also says that he likes seeing people mobilized against topics that matter to them.

In the podcast, Steve shares that he grew up on a little island and loved the outdoors. He also says that his life revolved around sports, and he even wanted to become a sports instructor. Steve ended up joining a business school. When he first joined the sports industry, he worked as a ‘shoe doc’ ( he made shoes for athletes ). Steve believes that it was a natural progression in that he moved from a shoemaker to the now CMO at The North Face. Steve has even led three Olympics, the first being the Beijing Olympics.

In his marketing career, Steve Lesnard strongly believes that the rule of a marketer is to think of the consumer journey end to end, think of the consumer experience, and think of how a consumer would see, experience, discover and use a certain product. He continues to say that in the world of technical outerwear at The North Face, they make products that can sustain the harshest conditions built for athletes. He says that their products have to perform since their athletes’ lives depend on them.

He says that he truly believes that brands that create a real personal connection with the consumers are brands that add value to their lives. He says that thinking of common experiences allows one to deliver solutions that will be very personal to the consumer that they serve.

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