Steps PosiGen Is Taking to Guarantee Reliable Solar Connection to Residents

July 14, 2021 0 Comments

PosiGen strives to offer reliable and affordable solar connections to residents, especially those in moderate to low-income neighborhoods. By providing affordable solar power through their Solar leasing program, PosiGen knows that families in such areas can make significant savings on their energy bills. Under this company’s solar program, the company has installed affordable solar panels for over 14,000 clients. The company doesn’t charge any installation fees, and they always undertake routine maintenance and monitoring. For homeowners looking to have solar connected to their homes, metering is among their top considerations. 


In most cases, the homes that don’t have solar power generation will mostly feature one-directional kilowatt meters measuring their electricity consumption. Besides, this is how the monthly energy bill is calculated. Simply, for the PosiGen system it’s the total amount of the consumed kilowatts by electricity cost per kilowatt. However, it changes following the installation of solar panels. PosiGen solar installs two-directional meters that ensure customers get credited for the electricity their panels produce. 


Your home will always get powered by the energy generated by solar panels. If the generated power fails to meet your energy demand, you’ll receive additional energy from the grid. If your panels end up producing more energy than what can meet your needs, it’s possible to supply the extra energy to the grid and get free energy credits in exchange. At PosiGen, you can even use the free electricity credits you get from the grid to help you cater to your energy needs. The advantage of net metering is that you receive home solar power production payments via future electricity credits or a lower electricity bill. 


PosiGen customers looking to get connected can either consider leasing or purchasing. Currently, over 12,000 United States homeowners benefit from this solar company lease package. This leasing option is popular because it includes energy efficiency upgrades, manageable monthly payments, and system monitoring. The PosiGen solar power company offers cash discounts and flexible financing options for anyone looking to purchase the PosiGen solar panels. Ownership also comes with its benefits too including increased home value and one-year system monitoring.