St. Louis Native Jessica Dean (Attorney) is Elite for the Everyday Person

June 3, 2022 0 Comments

Jessica Dean is an attorney who was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Her family was made up of eight siblings. When she was young, Jessica Dean had a great interest in debates. She could participate in many of them at school. She did not know that this desire for debates could lead her to a profession in legal matters later on in life.

Now that she is in the field, Jessica runs a partner law firm called Dean Omar Branham Shirley (DOB+S). Her partners are Amin Omar and Trey Braham, whom she met on different occasions. They specialize in cases that deal with consumer protection, shareholders’ rights, and workers’ rights. 

Despite being an attorney, Jessica Dean did not study law at first. It came later after attaining a major in political science and economics from Boston University. She did law at the Texas School of Law and graduated cum laude. While here, she met her first partner, Amin Omar. They were classmates and envisioned running a law firm together someday in the future. The vision came true.

Jessica Dean’s main agenda with her law career was different before the DOB+S materialized. She wanted to represent workers who sued their employers for unpaid wages and people suffering in nursing homes and hospitals. While seeking a job to represent cancer patients, she met Trey Braham, who became her second partner. Trey was her interviewer for this job. 

The drive to start her law firm with the two partners resulted from representing people who had lost their loved ones due to occupational hazards. Or those who had suffered incapacitation but had not enough courage to seek compensation from the employer. According to her, helping such people gives her the satisfaction she needs to keep pushing.

Because of her passion for helping fight for worker’s rights, Jessica Dean has received much recognition in Texas. First, she was voted for as one of Dallas’s top 40 under 40 attorneys. Also, for eight consecutive years, she was named a Texas Super Lawyers Rising Star Honoree. Finally, she received twice the National Law Journal’s Top 100 verdicts.