SeaWorld’s Newest Member: Nunavik, the Beluga Whale

June 28, 2021 0 Comments

Amid this month, SeaWorld Orlando has welcomed Nunavik, a beluga whale, into their large family. The marine mammal recently arrived after being transported from Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. His birthplace was at the Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. Later on, he was transferred to the Georgia Aquarium where he instantly became acquainted with the other beluga whales residing there. As years passed, the associates at the Georgia Aquarium decided to switch homes for Nunavik for the sake of his development in maturity. Therefore, the Wild Arctic at SeaWorld Orlando seemed to be the best dwelling for the beluga whale.

Relocating Nunavik to an unfamiliar residence was extremely difficult for the employees at Georgia Aquarium. They have formed bonds with all of the animals at the facility, spending time with them. As they searched for a reliable home for the beluga whale, the faculty realized this would be the last time Nunavik would be there. Henceforth, they cherished every moment with him before sending him off to SeaWorld Orlando.

Before Nunavik moved to SeaWorld Orlando, he was formerly living with other beluga whales at Georgia Aquarium. The beluga whale pod consisted of four females and one male whose names were Whisper, Qinu, Maple, Shila, and Imaq. Being accepted into this pod greatly assisted Nunavik’s communication skills with his species. However, representatives of Georgia Aquarium insisted Nunavik needed a more structured habitat. One that allowed the sea mammal to interact with a pod of males near his age: thus, they sought SeaWorld Orlando as an adequate candidate for taking him in. Although Nunavik’s former pod provided all of his needs, this new change will certainly enhance Nunavik’s growth especially with aid from the males in the pod at SeaWorld Orlando.

Evidently, SeaWorld Orlando has granted Nunavik a pleasant home with wonderful companions, like promised.

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