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Rachel Nichols is known to contribute to Sports Center, inclusive of interviews and features significantly. She began working with ESPN in the early times of her career. She would host Outside the Lines most of the time and significantly influenced ESPN’s prime-time newsmagazine. Afterward, Rachel Nichols began working with CNN as their sole Sports anchor, with significant contributing factors to reporting and analyzing some of the biggest sports stories.

Rachel Nichols is a host of prime-time specials, which includes taking interviews with influential sports figures. Nichols became a part of both networks in the year 2013 and carried out commendable service. In 2016 Rachel Nichols went back to work with ESPN as a host based in Los Angeles. In all the places she has worked, Rachel Nichols works as a reporter and has always been outstanding and highly respected.

In her response to her choice of career, Rachel said that she has always been a sports lover right from a tender age. Since Sports was a fun activity for her, she was thrilled by the idea of actually venturing into something she loved. Although she knew she couldn’t be an athlete, especially in a male-dominated world of sports, she found sports stories exciting and decided to fully take that path as a career. Rachel Nichols was also asked about her experience transitioning from being a newsmagazine reporter to TV. She stated that the two roles don’t differ so much in terms of functions, so it was easier to shift.

When asked how she deals with unfriendly publicists for strictly going out for the truth in either interviews or reports, Nichols said she works hard to ensure that whatever she reports is factual and contains evidence. Therefore, she says she has never felt sorry for doing her work the right way despite the bitter comebacks she sometimes faces.

In the Interview, Rachel was also asked how she manages to keep her calm during chaotic situations, and she said that throughout her career, she had gained the right skills to be competent in her work. See this article to learn more.


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