Prove of QNET Company Credibility In E-commerce business

June 29, 2021 0 Comments

QNET is a famous and legally accepted e-commerce marketing company. QNET was initially known as QuestNet. QNET company deals with a product such as fashion accessories, weight management, personal care just setting a few examples. The company head office is situated in Hong Kong. The marketing company was established in 1998.

The marketing company QNET tremendously grew from performing the local operation to an internationally recognized company. QNET started its journey by selling jewelry and watches. The company expanded its business to Malaysia and Singapore, among many more countries. QNET partnered with German-based coin facility BH Mayer’s.

QNET became a recognized distributor and marketer of Sydney games coins. Qnet partnering with QVI brand holidays opened doors and started marketing travel and vacation homes. After which, Qnet acquired the Prana resort. In 2002 Qnet became the brand ambassador of FIFA World Cup coin distributor.

Qnet took part in a charity event by sponsoring a Malaysian motor racing team. Lack of understanding makes people mistake companies like Qnet with other scam companies. With all the detailed information about Qnet, the company gets distinguished from scam companies that emerge quickly and varnish after the public realizes it’s a scam company.

With all the partners of Qnet clearly knowing and the humble success path being defined gives the company credibility of being a legit and a trusted company for any client to work with and trust. Qnet, having existed in the world of business for a long time, gives them the confidence to the customer that it is a transparent and not lie build company.

The constant use of one name Qnet for more than 20 years helps distinguish QNET genuine company from scam companies that constantly change their company name to attract people and cover their past reputation from public members.

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