John Savignano Recap

June 29, 2022 0 Comments

Technology is shifting every aspect of conducting business The accounting field is one that has embraced technology, causing a paradigm shift in the way the accounting aspect is conducted. Accounting is considered one of the oldest professions.

It has evolved and adopted different practices making it more precise and adjusting o to the current business demands.

John Savignano is a professional who has been in the accounting field. Growing up from tender age, he helped in running the family-owned business. Working in the business taught him the virtue of hard work and perseverance. He chose to study accounting due to the demand that he saw in each industry a need for an accountant. John Savignano has over three decades of experience in the field and professional certification.

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Over the years of being in the field, he has been excited about the different trends that have been incorporated. It includes improved data security. With the increased cyber-crime cases, it is common to hear of a breach in data security. Accounting trends are evolving. Data security has become a priority. Companies are taking this matter seriously by implementing different techniques like having authentication. Including authentication is one the way of securing data. Additionally, institutions are investing in the training of employees on cyber security.

Remote working has become a common working trend. Amidst the pandemic, a large number of the workforce has adopted remote working Accountants have adopted the trend. Cloud computing and different software have made it possible to yield results. Remote working has several benefits. Accountants can perform their tasks remotely due to the different virtual communication tools and data security.

Accounting has evolved, and the profession demands diverse skills. It has grown to become a consultant role.

The profession demands that accountants become all-around individuals with diverse skills. The skills include data analytics and current business trends. The above are some accounting trends set to be implemented in the future and beyond.