James Gutierrez Bridging Wealth Gap

July 19, 2021 0 Comments

James Gutierrez’s incredible career has seen him go beyond expectation. He has been vocal on the issues regarding disparities that come up in the social and wealth gap. According to James Gutierrez, Americans have found themselves battling the wealth gap for decades, leading to a bad experience among many American citizens. Although Covid 19 effects have widened the gap by providing its adverse impacts on millions of lives, statistics prove how most Americans are at the bottom level in terms of wealth. The tax system is regressive, meaning that the low-income earners are heavily taxed compared to the wealthiest, the smallest percentage.

James Gutierrez notes that people are fed up with this wealth gap which seems to be unending. When things get out of hand, we expect a Mob demonstration to persuade the government to address the issue. Being a responsible leader and a philanthropic businessman, James Gutierrez believes that companies could arrive at a win-win situation. The companies can improve the current status of the low-income earners and then engage the government to provide legislation for changes in the job market.

James Gutierrez, who is a renowned social entrepreneur, points out that people can be given the ability to access financial aid through loans, credit facilities, among others.

Financial health is a crucial factor when issuing these facilities; to avoid the risk of defaulting members, James notes that his own companies Aura and Oportun, have been at the forefront in enabling people to access affordable facilities. Government should allow companies to throw incentives like providing working capital. The capital can be utilized in more loans, hence bridging the gap between the rich and the poor.

More impoverished communities should be educated on how to improve their credit score through a progressive repayment of their current loans. Aura provides low-interest loans thanks to the good innovative and entrepreneurial culture cultivated by James. He ensures that the wealth gap is eliminated and comes up with new approaches to solve the problem.