The Pulse of Transportation and Logistics

September 3, 2021 0 Comments

Over the past five years, Jake Medwell has become a prolific freight tech investor. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has not spared the transportation and logistics sector, with closures of borders across countries, though trade was exempted from the restrictions. Besides, congestion and long hours of waiting remain an issue.

At, his company, all the information you need concerning logistics and transportation. will answer anything you want to know about freight. The experts in logistics, transportation, airfreight, ocean cargo, trucking, and intermodal provide information that answers your questions satisfactorily.

You will find the trucking category, which provides information about truckload, logistics, and the future of freight. On the other hand, parcel, last mile, and equipment information is available, among other data. The maritime category provides information about shipping and container.

According to Jake Medwell, the future for freight is bright. With Canada preparing to reopen its borders, US fully vaccinated citizens will be able to travel. This reopening will be an excellent boom to the transport sector and logistics, as an influx of visitors from the US will be expected. The visitors will undoubtedly spend money at hotels, restaurants, and events, bringing demand for freight.

Medwell notes that the hospitality sector is set to record improvements as visitors will travel. With these changes taking place, the trade will improve, as cross-border shopping will be possible. At, you will access this and more information to suit your travel choices.

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