Encinitas Investor Krishen Iyer’s Guidelines for Interested Entrepreneurs

October 27, 2021 0 Comments

Creating a new franchise is enticing and exhausting at the same time. A new business launching makes owners have sleepless nights and focused strategy meetings for plans on how to advance. If planning to be excellent and dominant, some professional advice may be needed along the way. Krishen Iyer, the CEO, and Initiator of MAIS Consulting bears extensive exposure with business persons and aspiring entrepreneurs to accomplish their objectives. 


Krishen Iyer has great experience, and so has seen everything, and so this article highlights some of his tips to aspiring entrepreneurs. Krishen Iyer advises one to find a perfect business mentor to guide them through the entrepreneurial realms. This move might seem overwhelming because the investment world can be mysterious, and so one needs proper guidance to learn things faster. Therefore, working with a mentor can hone one’s entrepreneurial skills, and Krishen Iyer believes that this way, successful careers can be established. One can also interact and learn from experienced entrepreneurs because also others will follow. 

Working alongside mentors enables proper journey navigation because they provide the most demanded advice. Krishen Iyer claims that entrepreneurs should spot the relevant market niches because they are out there to solve problems. Even before one considers the right business to traverse, it is wise to assess it and know the reasons for investing there.  According to Krishen Iyer, an entrepreneur should know what the venture will specialize in for the benefit of the clients because there always exists a niche. Krishen Iyer has already interacted with many franchisers to address this conundrum.