Dr. Barry Lall's Journey From Physician to CEO

October 25, 2021 0 Comments

There seems to be little in common between running hotels and being a physician, but Barry Lall would disagree. He would argue that he used his talents for caring for people in the medical industry to provide better experiences for guests in the hotel industry. Lall says that caring for people in either industry is the same to him.

Lall grew up in an African village that lacked some modern necessities that people in the U.S. take for granted. His father was an elementary school teacher, and he moved the family to Zambia when Lall was a teenager where he opened a clothing store.

Lall says that this inspired him to become interested in business, but he chose medicine because it seemed to provide a more stable living for raising a family. He earned his pre-med degree in England and attended medical school in Scotland.

Lall said that his early days practicing medicine would sometimes move him to tears because of the hardships involved. Dr. Barry Lall enjoyed diagnosing and solving problems for patients, but he disliked the atmosphere of the hospital. His anxiety eventually led him to think about changing careers. In 1989, he saw an opportunity when he discovered a small beach hotel for sale in California. He saw the potential to fix up the run-down property and increase its earning potential. Refer to this article to learn more

Lall had fun in his early years as a hotelier in California, and he moved his family to Arizona to open a larger hotel there. In 1998, he formed his own hotel corporation called Pinnacle Hotels USA. He focused his career on finding neglected hotels that could be fixed up and earn more profit.

Dr. Barry Lall is now the Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Hotels. Lall moved to the USA after graduating from Glasgow University Medical School. He began his hotel career in 1982, and, through hard work over the years, Lall has increased his company’s portfolio to 26 hotels that are located around the United States.