Alex Pissios's Journey in the TV Production

July 21, 2022 0 Comments

Alex Pissios is the former founder and CEO of the film production company Cinespace Chicago. He grew up with a father who was an ed teacher. He desired to follow in his dad’s footsteps and joined Northeastern Illinois University to study education.

In 1994, he was offered an offer by his uncle, which he couldn’t refuse. He was asked to run and manage his new business at Michigan Avenue; Alex Pissios’s salary was tripled that of the teacher, and he accepted the offer.

Alex Pissios dedicated himself to the business, working 12 hours a day and seven days a week. He worked for ten years in the industry and decided to try the real estate development business. In 2009, the company dropped and faced bankruptcy, and he started staying at home.

At the lowest point of his life came a wedding invitation in Toronto, Canada, by his uncle Nick Mirkopoulos. Nick had an extensive production facility in Toronto; hearing of the bankruptcy challenges his nephew was undergoing, he offered to help. He paid for his bank debts and started a film company in Chicago, and made him a CEO.

With assistance from his uncle, Alex Pissios invested in the Cinespace film studio, becoming the most prominent film company in North America. Within the first five years of the company’s operation, Chicago’s economic earnings from the film and tv production field doubled to $1.3 billion per year. Employment was created as more than 1,300 people secured jobs in NBC alone, and the wages also increased to over $150 million.

Cinespace created over 20,000 jobs, and local production went up. Alex Pissios is a philanthropist who gives back to the community. He partnered with Dick Wolf Films and NBC to launch the CineCares Foundation; the center pays internships for youths in the entertainment industry. The program expanded, and many partners came on board. READ: