Why are so Many Stars Fascinated with Traditionalist Mysticism?

Anyone who likes to keep up with trending news in the world of Hollywood will have doubtless noticed a striking new trend – the popularity of the Kabbalah. For those who may not be aware, the Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom tradition that is heavily based upon an exogesic (metaphysical extrapolation) understanding of the Torah and various other Christian, Jewish and Hermetic texts. Numerous Hollywood stars, both past, and present, have expressed a keen interest in the religious and spiritual practices entailed in the Kabbalistic traditions, so of whom include Madonna, Sammy Davis, Lindsey Lohan, Demi Moore, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and that 70s show actor, Ashton Kutcher (who Natalie Portman once said knew more about Judaism than anyone she had ever known).

Many have to wonder just why the practice of Kabbalah seems to strike such a chord with the elite of Hollywood. One of the main reasons for the traditions popularity with celebrities are the precepts of the ideology itself, which focuses not on, “Finding one’s self,” but rather upon becoming less of a self. This idea, of intensely turning inwards, not in selfishness, but in an effort to become less self, likely appeals to celebrities due to the climate of Hollywood itself which is tensely focused upon the self – interviews, films, posters, all constant self-reflections of one’s own grandeur.

Such endless self-marketing coupled with a chaotic lifestyle of constant travel and interview attendance, will wear even the most disciplined and confident individual down. Therefore it stands to reason that a tradition such as The Kabbalah would then resonate powerfully with such individuals as it provides a cohesive and comprehensive life program and way to mitigate selfishness and chaos in one’s life – many of the aforementioned celebrities have said as much, such as the popular American comedian and actress Sandra Bernhard who has publically stated in numerous interviews that Kabbalistic practice has eliminated nearly all of the anxiety and disorder in her life.