Why Andrew Alexander Has Avoided Sensitive Topics in Comedy

August 12, 2021 0 Comments

The entertainment sector has turned out to be one of the most sensitive areas that most individuals have been working on getting some income. However, a huge number of individuals who have been looking for success and living from this industry do not know that there have been some sensitive issues that have been consistently happening in this area.

Andrew Alexander understands that the issue of racism and discrimination of women is something that has become very sensitive in the country. This issue has not just emerged in the country, but it has been there for some few years, and most of the individuals have not understood that there is some gradual change that has been happening and which has been urging people to move away from this area.

As a comedian, understanding the sensitive topics in the community is very important. It always helps an individual to avoid such areas and make sure that they are not controversial in their lines. This is the main reason why Andrew Alexander has been working really hard to make sure that he has some detailed understanding of this sector to avoid being labeled a racist.

After understanding the sensitive topics in this sector, Andrew Alexander has been working really hard to make sure that they have been eliminated from his list of the words used in making jokes. He does not want to be involved in some complex aspects that have been affecting a considerable number of people across the country and thereby ruining his reputation.

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