Who Is The Real Cassio Audi?

Really though, who is the real Cassio Audi?

Most of us probably know him as the thunderous drummer of Viper, a truly intense group originating in the hard rock/heavy metal scene of 1980s Brazi. With singles like “Signs of The Night” leading as gateways to projects like “The Killera Sword”, surely any member of this band of tough guys is not somebody you’d want to mess with, right?

This article aims to provide its audience with some information about the life and backround of the beloved and mysterious Cassio Audi.

Cassio Audi was born in Brazil and is currently a loving family man, he is also an excellent business man. Many do not know this but Cassio Audi is very well educated and experienced in field of finance. Although Viper is a hardcore group, not all thrash artist are the way you might stereotype them to be. Many associate Cassio Audi with Viper because he was featured on some of Viper’s most classic recordings, including: Knights of Destruction, Wings of Evil, Nightmare, HR, Law of The Sword, and many more. Many have loved all of these tracks for years but for circumstantial reasons Audi left Viper in 1989.

Since leaving Viper Cassio Audi has only continued to improve as a drummer and over-all artist; but most importantly he still healthy, wealthy and making music. You can find Audi on youtube, you can also find many videos of low-key appearances through google searches, he is a very mysterious man.

Some fans voice the critique that Cassio puts his money before his music but as long as he is happy, so are his fans. We’d all love to hear a viper reunion album with Cassio Viper, but until then, we can all just pray all of the members and their families are enjoying their lives.

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