Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO of Bumble

Yes, it is true that the founder and owner of the dating site Bumble got marked in Positano, Italy in October 2017. Whitney Wolfe is now happily married Whitney Wolfe Herd. Whitney met and wed Michael Herd who is a successful restauranteur and is a millionaire through his family’s involvement in the oil and gas industry. Mrs. Herd has not built a great enterprise for herself, but now she and her husband will be making great strides as entrepreneurs and philanthropist.

Whitney attended private schools in Salt Lake City, Utah, had a loving family, and she attended the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. While she was attending college, she displayed her business savvy by designing tote bags which she also marketed on her own. She used the money she earned with the totes to fund the cleanup efforts from the BP oil spill. After college she learned more about the business industry through management positions she earned working in the technology inspired Silicon Valley environment.

Whitney’s Bumble start was fortuitous because of the publicity she received to start something new and different in dating web sites and dating apps. Her idea of setting up a dating platform just for women who have control of who they are contacted by went viral. The growth of Bumble’s membership soon caught the attention of another popular European dating app founded by Andrey Andreev, a young Russian tech entrepreneur.

Mr. Andreev’s dating app was called Badoo and its premise was also geared toward women. It was not long before he contacted Whitney Wolfe about joining him. However, Whitney told him that it was always her desire to start her own company, even though she stayed in touch with Andrey and they exchanged ideas. Andreev’s Badoo dating app had amassed millions of followers and was used in over 190 countries. Andrey Andreev loved the Bumble concept and invested in Whitney’s dating app by acquiring 70% of her company leaving 20% ownership with Whitney.

Bumble is estimated at over a billion dollars with its buyout bid making Whitney Wolfe Herd worth over one hundred million dollars. Bumble continues to be one of the most popular dating app due to the positive feedback from its users and because Mrs. Herd continues to keep its features new and safe for women.

One of Mrs. Herd’s new app ideas was for women to find more of their female friends and thus the Bumble BFF was created. The Bumble BFF app is similar to the LinkedIn platform where women can contact other professional women for networking. Whitney Wolfe Herd has a unique talent for developing app technology that helps to make people’s lives better, so we are excited to see what Whitney Wolf Herd’s new ventures will be.

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