What are some of the fantastic facts about Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is an American philanthropist who is also the CEO of the world’s largest known extraction company, the Nabors Industries. Tony Petrello propelled this company to a level where no other industry in the world can match it. As the CEO, Tony Petrello and his family have been concerned about how to better the lives of other people leading to his involvement with Texas Children’s Hospital from 2007.

What are the educational achievements of Tony Petrello

The renowned CEO of Nabors Industries has an amazing educational history that will always inspire young minds. Regardless of him being a mathematics guru, Tony Petrello disapproved anyone else and succeeded in his ambition to be the most respected lawyer in the US. He started his schooling in a public school in Newark and after that joined high school. It is here that Tony Petrello’s extraordinary ability in Mathematics began, and this landed him a scholarship in one of the most precious Universities in the US, Yale University. However, even in the course of his education, his generous and humorous nature did not stop. He was outgoing and therefore made friends with several people on the Campus.

He turned the tables and enrolled for a Ph.D. course at Harvard University pursuing business law with specialization in arbitration and taxation. It is after this strong educational achievement that he joined Baker and McKenzie law firm as a general operational corporate lawyer concerned about tax and international arbitration in 1979. He then resigned and moved to the drilling company as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee in 1991. He became the Chief Operating Officer as well as the CEO of this renowned Nabors Industries in from 2003. He became one of the highest paid CEOs in the whole of US in 2015 making him be among the world’s wealthiest people.

Tony Petrello survives through giving back to the society

The CEO of Nabors Industries has been on the forefront in dealing with health problems that children can face as they grow especially those that result into their mental wellbeing. Motivated by his eight-year-old daughter, Carena’s achievements in development process, he started supporting Texas Children’s Hospital sponsoring many research firms to conduct neurological investigations among children.

Immediately Tony Petrello realized that he daughter needed some little attention to improving on her development mentally and on psychomotor skills, they resorted to help her through this journey. Tony got happy to the extent that he decided to join the family of Texas Children’s Hospital not as just a supporter but as a member of the Board of Trustees of the foundation. He also identified an opportunity in the brain research and then made every necessary arrangement through the involvement of his friend like Dan Duncan (the chairman and the director of Enterprise Products) in the donation of funds to help in the neurological research. He single-handedly donated $7million in 2007 to assist in the same.

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