Using Social Media for Business

In the past few years, social media has become an important tool for many businesses especially concerning marketing. With social media, it’s possible to answer customer’s questions and ensure that they remain happy. At the same time, social media acts as a platform where customers can express their satisfaction and dissatisfaction. This is the reason why a business should be active on social media accounts to address these issues. A recent article by revealed some ways that businesses can use to engage social media followers.


Use listening rooms

Social media has become an important part of the business world such that it has been integrated into school curriculum. Universities and colleges are now teaching how social media can be used to market a business. A good example of a university teaching such course is the University of Georgia. To ensure that a business is aware of trending issues, it should open up listening rooms and forums. A good example of a company using a war room is the Coca-Cola and uses these rooms to acknowledge complaints and address them thoroughly.


Join all media accounts into one platform

There are platforms being sold in the market that allow you to integrate all accounts into one. This means that you can address Facebook issues together with Instagram and Twitter issues. Not only does this make things easier but it ensures that nothing goes unnoticed. A good example of such a platform is the Google Alerts. Also, make it your habit to monitor your followers to know what they are up to.