Ubuntu Fund and Andrew Rolfe’s Involvement

Unlike other charity funds that have been set up for public use, Ubuntu Fund strives to make a significant impact in the lives of children in a more innovative way. This is one of the unique structures of this funding since its primary purpose is to make a direct impact, especially in the lives of the children that’s most vulnerable to undue hardships. Utilizing platforms like the World Economic Forum annual gatherings, Andrew Rolfe and the organization works with donors utilizing a unique Unbuntu model.

The Ubuntu model is designed to achieve its goals and objectives through the use of others that donate small and large sums of money to families and communities in need. Therefore, when Andrew Rolfe, chairman on the board of directors of Unbuntu Fund organizes their initiatives, it is important that they work with each donor early on before contributions are being made. Thereby, establishing a favorable match of donations that will give Ubuntu the freedom to use the money in a manner that will best suit and support the children in need.

By using the Model that Andrew Rolfe and others on the board have established in advance, it gives the organization what they need to create individual plans for each child that enters into their program. These programs help to facilitate a comprehensive plan that addresses a wide spectrum of issues and concerns including their health, education and a stable way of escaping poverty. Meaning the Ubuntu Fund goes beyond the traditional charity standards by making the maximum impact that they can in the communities that they support.

Ubuntu Fund and its board of directors like Andrew Rolfe are currently implementing a solid model that has been designed to directly impact the needs of children in communities that need the help. To make sure the organization can operate in a manner that will best support the needs of those who are in their programs, one of the first things that they do is meet with donors to ensure they have the best fit and donation plan in advance. Thereby, giving the organization the freedom to ensure each child that receives the organization’s donations will have an optimum chance of escaping poverty.