Twitter’s New Business Feature Boosts Customer Service

Twitter has announced a new change in the way the social media platform will work. Those using Twitter for business will be thrilled with an intriguing new feature that integrates location sharing with direct messaging. The idea at work here is customer service can improve dramatically when all these unique features are added into the mix.


The new feature is one of several that target business users. Clearly, Twitter feels the future for its success is boosting the social media site’s value to those involved in commercial enterprises.


It is not exactly a military secret that Twitter has suffered a loss in market share and a drop in popularity. Despite some very high-profile Twitter members, the social media site does not seem to click with the average social media user. Twitter’s brevity makes it great for getting quick messages out there. Likely, the best persons to take advantage of these messages are people in business or in the public eye.


What is amazing here is how long it took Twitter to come to such a realization. Management surely had seen how public figures, celebrities, and entrepreneurs are extremely active on Twitter while people with personal accounts seem to gravitate more towards Facebook.


Adding new features for business is a step in the right direction for Twitter. The pick a location feature may draw in a number of businesses that might not have been so active on Twitter before. The concept is simple and, honestly, not one that is completely original.


A business representative can ask a customer who he/she is conversing with on direct messenger to reveal his/her specific location. Upon providing this information, location-specific information is then provided to the customer. For example, a retail chain could quickly provide information about the store nearest to the customer. Simple information of this nature is always appreciated by customers. Various businesses can use this feature to various beneficial ends. And both the business and the customer should benefit.


Twitter might not live up to its original potential as a social media company, but various new moves performed by Twitter are sure to help improve its fortunes.