Twitter Improves Advertising Campaigns through a New Video-centric Ad Format

Twitter has introduced a new video-centric ad format, Video Website Card, which uses the power of video to drive users back to a site. Users can then choose to learn more on decide on the next action they would like to take. Video Website Card is available to all users across the world. It works by first playing an auto-playing video with a customizable headline that then leads to a larger video and website preview. Finally, it directs viewers to the website running the advertising campaign when you tap on it.

Campaign Optimization

Even though there is nothing new about this given that other social media platforms have made us of this technique before, advertising campaigns can now be optimized for different objectives. You can now decide if you want to website awareness, website clicks or video views for your advertising campaign. However, you can choose to optimize video views in the first phase of the campaign then optimize web clicks later on. Consequently, using Video Website Card, a brand can attract qualified consumers, extend brand engagement, and keep consumer’s attention.

Total Control over an Advertising Campaign

Consumers have reported they would like more personalized interactions with brands. Therefore, Twitter, just like other social media platforms, is working with different brands to give consumers seamless user experiences. The brands can now reach their target audience by targeting keywords in consumer’s posts and their geography, interests, device, and gender. They can now also amplify their message with a set budget while paying for what works for your advertising campaign. This way, your advertising team has full control over your campaign.