Troy McQuagge’s Vision Is To Spread HOPE Through USHEALTH Around The Country

A very special thing happened when Troy McQuagge joined the USHEALTH Group team in 2010. As a member of the company’s subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors, Troy started up the HOPE initiative, which was dedicated to helping people in need throughout the communities at large. Hope literally stands for Helping Other People Everyday and this has been an ongoing mission for Troy throughout his entire career. Not only this, but HOPE drastically increased USHEALTH Group’s awareness and standing with the public. After starting up the HOPE initiative in 2010, Troy quickly took the lead of the company and today he operates as President and CEO for USHEALTH Group.

HOPE’s philanthropic efforts extend far and wide, first starting in New Orleans to provide relief to the long devasted community. After Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans many people were killed and left injured with thousands more homeless and without anything left. HOPE came in alongside Pheonix for New Orleans to rebuild the community for past residents. Read more about Troy McQuagge USHealth at

Troy McQuagge USHealth has stated that he wants HOPE’s mission to stay pure and it has never been his intention to push sales or focus on building more wealth. Troy has ensured that HOPE operates with the highest of standards in mind while staying true to helping others every day. Rather than just a way to increase awareness, HOPE is a way of life for Troy. He believes all people and companies should follow in the same footsteps for helping others and building a better community everywhere.

Despite the increased growth and success of the USHEALTH Group since Troy has taken over as President, he wants to push the envelope further and create more branches for the HOPE initiative, which he has already started doing through the like of HOPEKids Arizona. This branch of the initiative is focused on helping families with disabled children due to chronic issues and illness. The huge level of success seen by the USHEALTH Group and the impressive impact HOPE has had on the community has earned Troy several awards over the years for best CEO. Troy has big plans for the future of USHEALTH Group and HOPE to continue helping others around the globe.