Todd Lubar a Leader in Home Loaning

Todd Lubar has been in Real Estate since 1995 when began as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It is here where he developed a huge love it and learning the ins and outs of the financial world. His experience in 1999 when he accepted a position with the Legacy Financial Group, allowed Todd Lubar to gain experience as a loan broker, working directly with mortgage banks and outside investors. It is his experience here for the next few years that allowed him to see a need to be able to fund individuals and businesses that other companies turned away. By forming Legendary Financial LLC, Lubar was able to reach out to a group that may have been turned away by traditional lending sources.

Lubar is currently President of TDL Global Ventures LLC and Senior President of Priority Financial services LLC. Both organizations specializes in helping homeowners and potential homeowners with less than perfect credit a a chance to own a home. His experience of over 7000 loan transactions, allows him to be able to look at a situation and know instinctively what way would be best for the customer. Due to the fluctuation and volatility of the today’s stock market, it is crucial you have someone that knows financing. What may be good today, might not be good tomorrow. Having an inexperienced broker or company, that does not recognize this, may cost the customer thousands of dollars. This won’t occur with an individual with Todd Lubar’s experience handling the loan.