Think Investment Think Agora Financial

When it comes to retirement, people have to think of the aftermath. It is crucial to know when and how to invest before that time comes. Agora Financial, based in Baltimore, Maryland will help in such decisions. They understand that wealth creation can be challenging which is why they have devised ways to make it easier for people.

One of the ways Agora helps people is by assisting them to find means of protecting their wealth without the use of intermediaries. They are a financial production company which has been providing financial advice for over ten years.

Some of their resources involve online publications, documentaries, newsletters, and books. They also hold seminars aimed at helping people advance their wealth creation skills. Agora Financial has books on income generation, identifying companies that are worth investing in and so much more.

Their research is accurate and is not affected by any influence from people. The company has heavily invested in looking for lucrative unique ideas globally for their clients. They have an annual budget for their research analysts who are not only stationed in the office, but they are involved in fieldwork. The analysts are well-experienced in identifying ideas that have the potential for growth.

One of the unique strategies for Agora is that they have an eye for identifying ideas that are yet to hit the main market. This way, those who invest early enough cash in before market saturation. In 2004, they predicted a mortgage crisis which was four years early, before it happened.

Agora’s founder is Bill Bonner, and the company is a private publishing firm. It came into existence in 1979. One of its achievements is that it has provided a series on analysis for Bloomberg and Fox Business News. Agora Financial Investment Symposium is the firm’s biggest annual financial conference. The conference was started in 1999 and has been held from then on annually.