The Success in Vijay Eswaran’s Career

The Q.I Group of Companys’ executive chairperson and co-founder, Vijay Eswaran, was named as the CEO of the Year in 2013. The recognition was offered during the Malaysian Business Awards (MBA), which was sponsored by the Asean Business Advisory Council Malaysia. The award was presented to Mr. Vijay Eswaran by Dato Sri Mustapa Mohamad, who then served the Malaysian government as the minister of global trade and industry. The 5th MBA Gala Dinner took place on November 8 2013 at in Kuala Lumpur. These features are highly considered to be the primary basis of great companies and individuals in Malaysia.

Vijay Eswaran has been gained recognition for participating in philanthropic undertakings. He co-founded the QI Group in 1998. The company consists of wide range of businesses, and they include retail, e-commerce, hospitality, travel, luxury products, telecommunications, media, wellness, corporate investment, and financial services. In 2011, the entrepreneur founded the Quest International University, which is based in Perak at He offers his donations in both Malaysia and abroad. According to him, he is humbled by the awards that he had been given in the past including some that had been extended to his role models. He believes that it is highly respectful to be appreciated by his peers in Malaysia. Vijay thanked all the executive and employees of the QI Group who supported him to grow the firm to more than 1000 businesses on that are based in different parts of the globe.

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Vijay Eswaran studied at the London School of Economic, and he graduated in 1984 with a degree in socio-economics. He also attended the Southern Illinois University where he was awarded an MBA in 1986. While he was still in the United Kingdom, he learned about the binary system marketing and got involved in multilevel marketing (MLM) during his part time. He was also employed the Synaptics, which is an American company. When he returned to Malaysia, he was contacted by the Cosway Group, which needed guidance on MLM to use in its Philippines business.

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