The perspective of a teacher and parent on educational platform ClassDojo

September 2, 2021 0 Comments

A blog post from Working Mother gives the perspective of a mother and teacher on what teachers want mothers to know about communicating about school. The author shares her reflection on both from her experience speaking to students’ parents. The first tip is knowing what communication system the school uses. From her perspective, her children use an online management system that allows her to view her children’s grades and upcoming assignments. The online system helped teach her kids to check their planners and showed them the importance of turning assignments in. The second helpful tip that she shares is for parents to urge schools to use a classroom app like ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a popular platform that allows teachers and parents to stay connected to what is going on.

Teachers can post what is going on throughout the day and highlight what is due in the future. She shares that some parents were very pleased with what their children were doing in the classroom. Parents can message teachers through the use of the platform. ClassDojo makes parent-teacher conferences more enjoyable due to acquired information on how each student is doing. It also helps parents not be clueless about how their child is doing in the classroom and what they should work on. As a mother, the author suggests fellow parents listen to their kid’s conversations while in the car. She believes it provides big insight into what is going on in school that parents might not know. The last tip is placing a high emphasis on parent-teacher conferences. Parents should ask the teacher what their child needs to be better at and ask about any problems they could be having. The author believes the most important aspect is having effective communication. The author of the blog post has been a teacher for over 20 years and was awarded Napa County’s 2017 Teacher of the Year.

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