Vincent Parascandola has offered investment revelation to the youthful entrepreneurs with the hope of coming victorious in the ever challenging business environments. His experimental success story cannot be narrated vividly, since he has had a long admirable profile, having been associated with offering administration to numerous entrepreneurial firms. To be honest, Vincent Parascandola’s education qualification has offered a strong base, putting into account his specialization in computer science at the Lubin business school, which is a branch of pace university. He has widely been accredited for his professionalism, having worked for more than 20 years in different firms while holding different supervisory roles.



From the year 1986 to 1988, Vincent Parasacandola worked as an analyst at Irving trust, working as the operator of the company’s systems. Currently, Parascandola offers services to AXA Advisors, LLC, which is a business firm known for their investment abilities. The company’s pride has relied in their ability to create employment opportunities which has currently stood at more than 5000 personnel around the United States of America. His leadership has been important in the progression of AXA. According to crunchbase, the company was listed among top financial firms in the United States thanks to his superb supervision. In strong regards to the future of AXA Advisors, it is considered that the company can reach a satisfactory milestone but most importantly with Vincent Parascandola as the deputy president and senior employee of the firm.



Vincent Parascandola ventured into finance industry as from the year 1988, working as the sales personnel to the insurance firm called Prudential. After very brief association with the company, he was hired to work for MONY Group for nearly 3 years as the manager in charge of the company’s sales. Due to his hard work, promotion was always at stake, where he was promoted, rising to be the managing director and later moving up to be the deputy president in charge of activities in the field. In the year 2005, Vincent Parascandola agreed employment terms with AXA Equitable, reveals At the company, Vincent Parascandola operated in numerous administrative roles among involves serving as the president of continental division. Subscribe Vincent’s to Vimeo channel.