The connection between Michel Terpin and Rallying.

Michel terpins is a competitive rally driver in Brazil. Most people may recognize him more as the former cross country champion as one of his many achievements. He has been able to capture the imagination of the Brazilian rallying community and the rest of the country through his achievements and contribution to sports. He is also an organizer and chairman of the Cross-country championship as well as the co-founder of the Bull Sertões Rally Team.

The Bull Sertões Rally Team was founded in conjunction with his brother and has been able to grow to great heights. Today the Bull Sertões Rally Team is one of the most followed teams in the Sertoes rally championship. Since the start of the team it first consisted of Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins it competed as that in the initial stages and early editions of the competition but today it has the ability to sponsor two teams at every event.

The Bull Sertões Rally Team ensured that in the early years the Terpin brothers were always partnered and this brought out the best as both a driver and a navigator. The team would later expand so as to give the brothers an opportunity to be what they excelled in most, driving.

The navigational skills of both were also well developed but driving better suited them this is when MEM came in and developed the T-Rex a T1 category prototype which would be fully developed to be there car of choice in future competitions.

The T-rex has been so reliable for the Bull Sertões Rally Team that they have now fully endorsed it and even during the 25th edition of the Sertoes rally where Michel Terpins took on Maykel Justo as his new navigator for the new route it was the car of choice. The 25TH edition of the rally would include a staggering two thousand kilometers of special route terrain. This was one of the challenging editions the Bull Sertões Rally Team had to encounter but they were still able to perform well.

Michel terpins still ensures he balances his rally career with other commitments that he has.