The benefits that clients get from learning about their social security-David Giertz

One of the scenarios that have become common in the society is seeing pensioners still working hard to make a living. This happens when people are unable to make the right moves and save for their future. One of the renowned investors and investment advisers has been spreading the information on the importance of people knowing about their social security benefits when they are still working. David Giertz states that through proper planning, it is possible to turn around situations and get better sunset years for these workers.

A few of the things that he feels should be known about investment is that the amount of benefits that one will get by the end of the day depends on their earnings when they were working on He states that there are people who make the mistake of underreporting their earnings with the intent to pay fewer taxes. However, the end result of such a situation is getting less when the time comes to start receiving social security benefits at

The other factor that is considered is the rate of inflation and other changes that have taken place in the economic realm. For instance, in case one was making earnings of $50000 in 1994, their benefits will be calculated with a rate of about $100000 to cater for the inflation that has taken place over the years. Giertz also states that there are things that people in the white collar jobs do not realize, including the fact that they are greatly favored by the system and they stand to gain more from the system. He feels that availing this information to the public will greatly improve their lives.

David Giertz
Giertz is the Senior Vice President and one of the main advisors of the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. He operates from his offices in Columbus, Ohio. He has decades of experience in investment banking and is well respected for it.