Talk Fusion Launches Two New Websites To Help It With Its Direct Selling Campaigns

Talk Fusion is one of the leading marketing companies we have in the economy today. With marketing being one of the most crucial factors to the success of any business, Talk Fusion has been on the forefront of helping a lot of businesses reach out to their market. One of the many strategies this company has used over the past few years has been through its product launches. Talk Fusion has recently carried out this quest by launching two websites under their brand; the and


Speaking during the launch of these two websites on the 13th of September 2017, Bob Reina, the company’s current CEO and Founder on the their Facebook page announced that these websites will help business and people share independently their business opportunities and top-notch video products in more than 140 countries. Mr. Bob who is an award winning direct selling veteran went further to illustrate on their Live Facebook page the different features, benefits and concepts that come with the new websites. As a boost of confidence, the CEO went further to note that the two websites were so far the most straightforward marketing websites he had ever come across in his 25 years direct selling career.


Through the websites, visitors and potential customers can get to learn about the Talk Fusion business in four easy and direct steps. The first step is a one minute video featuring Talk Fusion Video email products. Second is a video by the CEO, Bob which is 5 minutes in length. The third step is visiting and getting to learn more about the business and the final step entails signing up. Explaining the simplicity of the websites, Bob Reina notes that it is meant to provide everybody with the same opportunity to grow their business.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is a leading direct video marketing Solutions Company with a commitment of helping businesses stand out of their competition. Bob Reina Talk Fusion’s CEO founded the company in 2007 and has gone ahead to grow the business to a market presence in 140 countries. In addition to marketing services, Talk Fusion is also known for its strong commitment to its society through the many charitable activities it involves itself in. Learn more: