Susan McGalla: The True Example of Business Success

To reach the pinnacle of business success, it takes a variety of talents and ambitions. For many executives, using the skills and knowledge learned in college, along with experience gained from real-world situations, all come together to create a true success story. While there are company leaders worldwide who have achieved success, Susan McGalla has done that and much more. As the former CEO of American Eagle Outfitters and the current Vice-President of Business Strategy and Creative Development with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan has used the skills learned from her college days at Mount Union College and from her childhood to create companies that are dynamic, profitable, and growing each and every year.


Learning the value of hard work from her football coach dad, Susan was determined to find success later on in life. Because of this, she worked tirelessly while at Mount Union College to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing, all the while having an eye on future success. Beginning her business career with the Joseph Horne Company, she held numerous management positions with the company during her eight-year tenure. Upon leaving Horne, she joined American Eagle, where she quickly implemented numerous innovative strategies that helped the company achieve tremendous success.


Upon gaining years of invaluable business experience, Susan decided to create her own consulting firm, P3 Executive Consulting. In this endeavor, she worked closely with clients from various companies, advising them on such matters as marketing, business strategy and development, and long-term growth. Using the skills gained from her many successful business experiences, Susan was able to help her clients achieve their goals.


As she continues to move forward, Susan’s business career will no doubt contain much more success. Whether working with the Steelers or with individual clients, Susan’s skills and personality will equal success.