Susan McGalla – One of the Most Successful Women Business Executives Based in Ohio

Susan McGalla has played a very vital role in the success of two of the most prominent consumer products companies in the United States, American Eagle Outfitters Inc, and Wet Seal Inc. Susan McGalla served as the President at American Eagle Outfitters Inc and was the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. Under her leadership, both these firms were able to achieve tremendous success and were also able to enhance their image among the target audience through the many marketing techniques implemented by Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla is also on the board of directors of Allegheny Conference on Community Development and HFF Inc. Due to her numerous accomplishments in the field of branding and marketing, she is often consulted by various companies and top executives in the corporate world. Susan McGalla is also the founder of one of the most successful branding and marketing firms in the United States, P3 Executive Consulting LLC.

One of the topics that Susan McGalla is very sensitive about is women empowerment, and for which, she often speaks about as well. In an interview she gave recently, Susan McGalla was seen giving a few tips on what the women should do to plan and advance their career to achieve guaranteed success in the future. One of the first advice she gave in this regard was for the women to focus on education and make it their top priority.

Susan McGalla says that it is essential for anyone and not only women to focus on education as that would guarantee a good position in the corporate world. She said it is also important for the women to get good grades, and pursue higher education as well. To fund higher education, women must start saving early, so that there are no financial hassles later on that can potentially jeopardize entire career.

Susan McGalla also talked about how women must build a good support system in the workplace of friends and colleagues, who would help women, stay emotionally charged and strong during tough times. She says that following these tips would help women achieve their dreams of making it big in the corporate sector.