Susan McGalla Is Evidence That Women Can Be Leaders

Research indicates that those businesses which consider gender-diversity have a 15 percent likelihood of outcompeting other firms. Besides, there is a 35 percent probability of ethnically-diverse institutions to outdo their peers. The reason behind the exceptional performance lies in the idea that those companies will be open to new and multiple perspectives. Nevertheless, women hold a small percentage of positions in companies.

There exist numerous ladies that fight for the top positions within companies. Also, there are other women such as McGalla, who assists in leading the way for women leaders. Susan McGalla credits her background as the only daughter in a family of two brothers with a football coach father. She was not favored as a girl but had to work for whatever she yearned. The experience of going for whatever she could want is what makes her attain success in life with her holding many leadership positions. She managed to climb the ranks of a male-dominated company, the American Eagle Outfitters.

The many women initiatives and networks in existence try to offer a platform for planning and strategizing women’s businesses. The actions also allow women leaders to meet and share ideas. However, the networks alone are not enough to solve the issue of few women in leadership. One of the solutions that can solve the problem is executive sponsorship.

Business Strategy and Creative Development has the privilege of working with Susan P. McGalla as their VP. McGalla is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC which offers advisory services to the financial community. Susan provides expert consultation on marketing, branding, operational efficiencies and talent management.

Susan is a woman and leader with autonomy over her career. She works hard, maintains flexibility, and relentlessly pursues her passions. McGalla maintains that her gender was not a factor in the goals of her career. She encourages more women to take up the mantle of leadership.