Snapchat’s Changes Are Just In Time To Revive The App

Some social networks, like Twitter, are easy for people who are over 30 to use, while others are downright confusing. For some time, it looked like Snapchat was not going to change its interface to make it more friendly, however, the company’s recent UI (user interface) simplification is an excellent move on their part.

While Snapchat’s redesign makes it more user-friendly, the company’s reason for the change may not be so altruistic. The social network’s shares are dropping, most likely because revenue expectations fell short last quarter and new user growth is slowing down. Whatever the reason, Snapchat’s personalizing content with new algorithms a newly redesigned page when users open the app make it more appealing to people over 30.

Starting in 2018, Snapchat will allow social media mavens to make money from the app, just as YouTube does. For people over 30, YouTube is the place to go for everything from makeup tutorials to instructions on how to install a water pump. The app has already started wooing existing Snapchat influencers with Official Stories accounts, which was previous reserved for celebrities. Official Stories accounts have added visibility, encouraging users to create better content. Once people with Official Stories accounts are able to monetize their content, users can expect higher quality, more engaging content from influencers on the soon to be easier to use app.