Snapchat Data Brings Concern for Advertisers

The popular social media app, Snaphat, had user data released recently that has led to some startling and revealing trends for publishers and advertisers that have only recently begun investing in the platform. Snapchat boasts an incredible number of users, but the data showed that slightly over twenty percent of its overall users were using the app on a daily basis. These numbers are significantly lower than other social media platforms and numbers that traditional publishers are able to achieve on their own sites and app platforms. Additionally, the numbers indicate that the tool that these publishers and and advertisers would be relying on for most of their traffic was even less used by the average daily user.

All of this information was released shortly after the app announced that it would be separating the Discover platform, where publishers and brands hoping to reach new users are found, much in the same way other social media giants have now created independent apps for various sections of their platform. This means that the average user will no longer come across the Discover portion of the app, viewing new and targeted content. Instead, these users will need to seek out these channels and shows independently. When so many brands invest advertising dollars and energy into an app that is reliant on social activity it is imperative that they are able to be discovered and viewed by as many users as possible.

All of this data along with the upcoming changes presents big concerns for anyone moving to invest in the app, or already working to attract new viewers.