Shea Butter Provides Healthy Winter Skin Care Protection


Most people are prone to suffering from dry and flaky skin during the winter season when the temperatures drop and harsh weather arrives. Studies show that the skin loses 25 percent of its moisture, which can be uncomfortable on different areas of the body. Although there are a few ways to combat dry skin, shea butter is proven to be effective in restoring lost moisture and increasing the elasticity of the skin.


What is Shea Butter?


Shea butter comes from karite nuts that are on trees that grow wild in West and East Africa. The nut has a fatty substance and contains different healing properties. The natural product does not contain toxins or chemicals, making it safe to use on all skin types. It’s considered to be “Women’s Gold” of Africa because most of the people who produce the shea butter are women.


How is Shea Butter Produced?


Shea butter is produced by crushing and boiling karite nuts to extract the butter that is found inside. The butter rises to the surface of the water once the nuts are boiled. Shea butter is considered to be an all-natural product to use on the skin because synthetics and chemicals are not used during the production process.


Shea Butter on Skin


Shea butter is one of the most effective products to use on skin during the winter season because it is known to reduce the effects of redness and can also protect the skin from windburn. It has a large healing fraction of five to 17 percent because it contains vitamins, nutrients, and phytonutrients. is one of the most popular manufacturers of shea butter and sells a list of products through the brand. Everyday Shea Butter is ideal for men and women to use to keep their skin hydrated and soft in each season. Women who are pregnant can apply Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter to their belly and legs as their body changes to reduce the appearance of stretch marks that can develop.


Eu’Genia Shea is dedicated to fair wages and donates 15 percent of their proceeds back to female workers in Ghana. The family-run social enterprise is dedicated to creating quality shea butter products that have a high concentration.