Role of rights groups in the society

The role of human rights groups in the society has been very important for a very long time now. Since the era of the great northern trade when slaves were taken from Africa to the United States, the issue of human rights took root.

Human rights movements who were against this discriminatory move wanted to change the situation by condemning the various acts of torture that the slaves were being taken through. Since then human rights groups in the United States have been part of the society.

These are organizations which ensure that the government does not enact laws that are discriminatory to the people.

Almost every country in the world has organizations that check the government against excesses that may happen. These groups have a responsibility of bringing the issues to the attention of the international community. It is only through the acts of speaking out against human rights violations that such issues can be handled. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Human right organizations can be found at various level, from the community level to international. Community base human rights groups work alongside the international groups to ensure that the fight against human rights is universal. The groups then come together to condemn issues that may be happening in any part of the world.

The fight against human rights have no boundary, human rights are universal, and no none should be denied his or her rights due to cases of difference in nationality, color, gender age or any other reason. Even if one is an immigrant, the rights must apply. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Human rights know no boundary. According to the UN charter of 1948, every person in the world has a right to be protected by the human rights. In many countries, human rights are included as part of the law of the land. For instance, for anyone on the U.S soil, he or she is protected by the constitution.

Different approaches are taken by rights groups in the quest for justice. Some will deal with investigating and highlighting the issues that are wrong while others will go the extra step of taking legal action against groups that violate the rights of others.

Some rights groups, especially in the United States, offer pro bono services to victims of discrimination.

Most people whose human rights are violated are the poor and the vulnerable in the society.

These are people who cannot afford to hire or pay for a lawyer on their own. With the rigid and complex legal system that exists today, it is almost impossible to win a case in a court of law without a lawyer.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were jailed by a jury decision, they never thought that was to be the turning point in their lives as human rights activities. They had been arrested and jailed for writing about Sheriff Arpaio.

They appealed the case, and the courts found them not guilty. The state was asked to compensate them with a total of $3.75 million. After this settlement, they vowed to give back to the community by supporting activities of migrant rights groups that are active in the state of Arizona.