OneLogin And Envoy Provide SCIM Technology For Smooth And Automated Employee Records

The customers of Envoy are in for a treat. Their software now eliminates logbooks, and visitors can sign in with an iPad. The registration process has been fully automated with technology more productive, and secure. The IT departments had a difficult time constantly updating all the access for each user. Envoy’s work with OneLogin implemented SCIM protocol, making the experience smooth, and providing relief to the IT department. All the customers are required to do is simply use OneLogin’s catalogue, and select the provisioning connector.

SCIM applications allow the attributes of the user to be synced into the application of their choice. All the employee’s pertinent information can be automatically provisioned from the OneLogin directory. User profiles are updated automatically, and any changes are noted. This eliminates the duplication of work by IT, and business teams, and the employee records are automatically kept current. This effectively maximizes productivity. The experience of visitors is enhanced, employee records are a delight to manage, and non-existent employees are eliminated from the system, saving valuable time.

Any changes made in a business’s directory are received by Envoy automatically. Office security sees improvements, employees save time, and when a visitor signs in, only the current employees are available. The format of user data is consistent, and the available data provides a better understanding of the product. This provides confidence resulting in an improvement of providing an exceptional experience for the visitors. OneLogin supports standards for access management, and offers free toolkits for the developers. The result is IAM functionality with increased security, and reliability.

Integrating with Envoy becomes simple due to the clarity of the API documentation provided by OneLogin. Partner support is timely, and the experience in the workplace is effortless. This software is exciting, and the work between the partners of Envoy, and OneLogin creates a shared vision. The growth of the partnership is expected to continue to grow. The enabling of the SCIM user provisioning uses technology to improve the customer experience. SCIM is the perfect solution for businesses, and IT teams who need an effective solution for managing their employee records.