OneLogin: Advanced Privacy Maintenance in an Advancing World

With our world becoming more and more digitally integrated, and content stored on devices rather than paper files. Sites like OneLogin are helping with their platform to keep a companies files and information stored as well as protected against thievery and malware.

OneLogin is one of the leading cloud-based IAM, identity access and management providers available now. They primarily have a focus on businesses and organizations.

With online and computer intellegence increasing, both the good and bad sides are growing in strength through their knowledge and innovation. Hackers initially targeted hardware to attack and disrupt, and then eventually software. However, with software sophistication increasing much more rapidly, the focus is on hardware attacks once more. One of the main ways attackers are invading companies and systems is through multiple accounts within a company.

Employees with business cards or employee business accounts can set up micro accounts with whom they may do business. The smaller accounts they may set up with a credit card just to make a payment may lead a trail back to the entire system. This is an example of how attackers are trying to take down entire systems. IT can focus on hardware when individuals are on company grounds, but not track the users within company profiles. Their control and maintenance capabilities are limited to what physical structures are connected to their server. Cloud-based maintenance is harder to monitor due to its nature not having a specific entry or endpoints for the content withheld.

Companies should look to working with companies like OneLogin that provides the access and privileges of individual entities within the organization’s software and hardware. All linked via a seamlessly integrated multi-cloud environment. This inhibits invaders ability to follow a trail of all business, transactions, and account operations. These acts are executed from within a framework monitored both physically and virtually.

Since individual employees do not need to worry themselves with are they protecting themselves with every online interaction, OneLogin takes away this headache for companies. And with one less thing to focus on, companies can experise greater focus on their intended business matters.