Norman Pattiz Helps Head Up New Show

The world of the paranormal has long been one that people find fascinating. Many people are intrigued by this world that apparently lies just beyond our senses. Thus it is not surprising that a new show takes on this world and tries to explain to viewers ideas they might have not have encountered before. Those who enjoy learning about the spirit world can find out new ideas about how it works from experts who have spent many years studying it in great detail. The podcast aims to explore the world of ghosts, angels, demons, aliens and other kinds of encounters with another world. Listeners of the podcast can expert to hear the words of experts as they explain what the world knows about this subject and what it has yet to discover. The enlightening show will be hosted by Dave Shrader and produced by radio expert Tim Dennis.


Creating A Vision


The podcast is one in a series that is the brainchild of Norman Pattiz. A member of the Radio Hall of Fame, Pattiz has been instrumental in helping to bring the world of radio forward. With his vision, many kinds of radio shows have been created that help showcase this evolving medium and offer programs that both advertisers and listeners have come to love. His work in this field spans over thirty years, allowing him to get a clear viewpoint and offer many varied insights into the world of radio. His career has evolved in many directions during the course of his life, giving his listeners the chance to learn from him as he has learned from his work as well.


Growing A Company


Pattiz started his career in a small studio in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is where his roots today still lie. His early efforts quickly paid off, leading him to a career that has since taken off and expanded in all kinds of new media. As someone who does a syndicated radio show, he is able to reach many people. His company, Westwood One, has grown enormously in the last decades as it has become America’s largest radio network, serving a network of happy listeners and many advertisers. The network supplies all kinds of programming to listeners in the United States on various kinds of topics from sports to news. He and his team of staffers look forward to continuing their work informing the American public.

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