New Trends in Social Media Use by Business Entities

The year 2016 was a momentous period for social media in relation to business marketing and promotion. Everything suggests that 2017 will be an even bigger year for the intersection of social media and business marketing, particularly because of the 10-year anniversary of Facebook Pages.


There was a time when business marketing was not allowed on Facebook. Until 2007, only individual profiles were allowed, and the promotion of business activities by individuals was looked down upon. Once Facebook announced that companies were allowed to create profiles, more than 100,000 brands quickly signed up on the first day.


Some of the social media trends developing in 2017 include proposals to no longer embrace this communications channel; such was the call by Geoff Lewis of the Founder Fund, a firm dedicated to funding major digital media enterprises. Lewis believes that social media platform lend themselves to the creation of “scripted reality,” which may have contributed to the election of New York billionaire Donald Trump as President of the United States.


A lot has changed for the social media and business marketing sphere since 2007. Years ago, promoting brands on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter was extremely effective; the same cannot be said in 2017 due to the higher levels of competition.


One trend that is certain to develop in 2017 is that companies will no longer use social media channels exclusively to drive traffic to their websites. The idea is to deliver tangible messages. For example, a fashion boutique can offer discounts solely on Twitter or Facebook without advertising on its physical store or on its website.


Another trend for 2017 with relation to social media will be mobile advertising. It is time for business owners to invest in sponsored updates and other strategies that allow them to reach beyond their existing followers.