New Changes For Edited Facebook Posts

If you’re the type of person who creates lots of posts on Facebook, a recent change in the website’s editing process may be important to you. A recent online article that I just finished reading tells how Facebook will no longer be clearly identifying edited posts.


Up until now, if you posted something on Facebook, then realized after the post was up that you wanted to change it, a little “Edited” label would appear next to the post after you made changes.


With the new editing policy, you can make changes to something you’ve posted, but the “Edited” label is not openly displayed for the world to see.


Even though edited posts may no longer be openly labeled as such, it is still possible for other Facebook users to know if you edited a post.


All you have to do now to see if a Facebook post has been edited, is click-on the little drop-down menu that is situated at the upper right side of the post. If a post has been edited, one of the options in the drop-down menu will be “View edit history”.


When I first saw this article, I didn’t really think there was much significance to this editing change. The author of the article, however, brings up the issue of transparency in today’s world.


It is mentioned how government officials, celebrities, and brands all post on Facebook. The author makes the point that just allowing people to alter previously posted information in today’s world can raise some eyebrows. The article also mentions how edited comments on posts are not affected by the editing change.