NBA provides sports bettors with big profit opportunities

The vast majority of people who bet on sports approach it with the mindset of a hobbyist. Even those fans who are extremely knowledgeable about a given sport will rarely be able to win over the long term. Without the discipline and professional tools for conducting advanced research and analysis, the average sports bettor doesn’t stand a chance.

On the other hand, professional sports bettors approach wagering not as a form of entertainment, but as a business. In this sense they aren’t so much different from investors. Many of the tools and concepts that professional sports bettors use are very similar to those used by businessmen and investors in markets. In fact, most sharp bettors will tell you that sports betting itself is a market.

Finding an edge then “banging it out”

Like investors, professional sports handicappers look for situations that generate positive returns. People are sometimes surprised to learn how small sports bettors’ edges can be. This is partially due to the “juice”, also known as “vig”, or the money that sports books charge for their services. Typically, if a professional sports bettor wagers $1 they will expect to get back between $1.01 and $1.02. This may not look like much, but when considering that many bets for large sums can be placed every day it adds up fast. The hard part is finding an edge that provides positive returns. To find out more about how sports pros gain an edge, check out

Seasoned pros will be highly knowledgeable in many different sports. However, a new player must choose where to start. NBA basketball is an excellent first choice.

NBA basketball – lots of games mean lots of opportunities

NBA basketball has one of the longest seasons of any sport in United States. Including the playoffs, a typical NBA team plays around 90 games per year. This translates to over 3 games per week per team, on average. With 30 NBA teams, that’s a lot of games. Having so many games provides many opportunities to find incorrect odds and spreads. NBA fans are also particularly enthusiastic. This makes for great action in the sports books with lots of low-information bettors wagering on bad lines.

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