Nathaniel Ru Addresses a Hurting World

The world is hurting in many ways. Among the ways it is hurting is that there are more obese people than ever. Another way that the world is hurting is that people are lonelier and more depressed than ever. The reason this is all connected is that this is a result of the instant gratification society that people are slowly waking up from with the help of internet and social media. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Crunchbase

One of the issues that come with the instant gratification society is that some of these issues are linked such as depression, isolation and fitness. People who are fit and healthier are more likely to be confident and social. However, it is hard to accomplish this with the fast food industry being in the condition that it is in.

Fortunately, there are forces for change such as Nathaniel Ru. He and his friends were looking for something healthier to eat when he has realized that the fast food industry is not offering anything that is worthwhile.

For the most part, the meals that people can get are just unhealthy snacks that can bring forth a lot of harm to the consumer. They have looked at ways that they can make a permanent change to the fast food industry. Their efforts have resulted in Sweetgreen.

When people think about Sweetgreen, one of the common conclusions they make is that the place is a salad restaurant. It does sell a lot of salads, but it does not stop there.

While some people may think that salads are boring, there are plenty of ingredients that people can add that can bring forth exciting flavor to the dish. For people that are worried about getting the needed amount of protein, Nathaniel Ru has different types of protein to add to the dish.

With Sweetgreen and other healthier companies starting up, people are becoming healthier and more confident as well as social.

One thing that helps is that Sweetgreen encourages people to hang out with all of the events that are being hosted. Nathaniel Ru didn’t want to just create another restaurant where people eat on the run. He wanted to bring back the social experience of a meal.

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