Miki Agrawal and her IVF Journey Shine Light on This Often-Taboo Subject

September 22, 2021 0 Comments

Miki Agrawal is a family person married to a loving husband, Andrew and together they have two lovely children. Apart from being a devoted mother and a wife, Miki Agrawal is a staunch business person who has experience running successful enterprises. She has started and spearheaded several businesses that have achieved significant success in various spheres they operate.


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One of the companies that Miki Agrawal has founded is Thinx, a company famous for its quality garment inform of underwear that has been quite popular in the fashion industry. There are other enterprises that Miki has founded, such as a Wild restaurant that gets based in New York that specializes in selling gluten-free pizza. The restaurant has attracted a considerable following in Manhattan.

One unique characteristic that makes Miki Agrawal stand out is his commitment and fight for society to change its views on in-Vitro fertilization. IVF is an alternative option to those women who cannot conceive normally, and they now place to find solace. Despite facing numerous challenges around this topic and the stigma the society has on In-vitro fertilization, IVF, Miki is determined to see women adopt this technology as its safe and effective.

Miki Agrawal acknowledges that in-vitro fertilization is an expensive affair. The majority of insurance companies across the United states do not support this procedure. It should not be a deterrent for women unable to conceive to shun away from embracing it. She works pretty hard in helping women realize the options available and have the courage to challenge the status quo. Miki decided to come out and face the biggest challenge of not conceiving publicly, something considered taboo in society. Her bold move has been very fruitful as most women are now starting to come out of the closet and accept in-vitro fertilization as a possible alternative to standard traditional conceiving methods. She advises women to consult with medical practitioners and walk the journey together through this incredible journey.

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