Josh Verne and His Marketing Philosophy

To be successful as a sailor, one must “catch the wind” so the sailboat will move along. Of course, it is better to go sailing on a windy day to maintain any movement on the water.


Josh Verne has established that very thing with his early 2016 startup called FlockU, a venue for college students to relate, discuss, ask questions and expound on anything and everything akin to their lifestyle in school.


The students, who would also be classified as millennials, are put in charge of the content, as it is assumed that millennials don’t listen much to anyone but themselves. The subject matter ranges from anything to everything, with no holds barred. One student put this way, “No one knows what it is like to be a college student, except for another college student.”


Verne is no stranger to successful online business startups, as he and a childhood friend started a company in 2012 called Workpaysme, where people could purchase merchandise online and then arrange to have payments made from their paychecks. The company was sold in 2014.


FlockU, acting as a peer to peer exchange for college students looks as though it is taking off with monthly impressions of well over 3.8 million and a click through rate of over 35 percent. It has also been very helpful to be able to exploit social media and to have syndicated Huffington Post partnership.


Verne has handpicked some 400 writers that he has affectionately named Flockers, and their breadth of subject matter covers the gamut of just about anything a college student would be curious about or would want to know. Everything from how to study, work while in school, sex, drugs, living together with other students, and crazy professors are among some of the topics discussed.


Verne claims that there is not any real profit to speak of yet, but that will soon be forthcoming. He currently has contacts from lots of potential advertisers, and he usually tests products with the Flockers, just to get a feel for acceptance.


By having the students handle the entire content and direction of FlockU, Verne seems to have hit a winner. As the concept matures, the future looks bright as the trust factor has been solved with his audience.