Jim Hunt and VTA Publications: Changing The World

Updates on Mar 24th, 2017: VTA has gone the extra mile to provide resources for those that want to get into investing but just don’t know how. In addition to their popular pay distance learning courses, Jim Hunt has started a VTA Publications blog to provide in depth information to investors that haven’t spent a penny saving for retirement yet. But they’ve also expanded their social media reach with both a VTA Publications Twitter page, as well as a Facebook. Check out both if you want to know more, or if you’re just looking to check out new information about VTA Publications as it becomes available.

Updates on Dec 11th, 2016: Proving that he’s the embodiment of the system he sells, Jim Hunt of VTA Publications spoke to Ideamensch.com about his ideas, and his business model. Topics ranged from his unique wealth system, to the methods he employs and how he’s developed the VTA Publications empire. Be sure to check it out for a different side of Jim, and a better understanding of what makes him special.

Jim Hunt of VTA Publications understands finance enough to put his reputation on the line in front of the international mainstream media. In fact, this seems to be his goal–Jim Hunt wants the world to know his new proprietary investment strategy. He purports to have a method of financial increase so successful that only a thousand dollars can be turned into a million with just ten easy trades. Jim plans to preview this method for the world on YouTube.com with the money of his mom. His idea is to get as many watching as possible so he can prove how simple it is to make $1,000 add three more zeros in the middle.

Jim Hunt is a very successful financial investor who has spent years learning the ins and the outs of the market. Finding initial capital doesn’t seem to be the hard part; nor does the trading. What is difficult is the finding of stocks which will be successful. Oftentimes people lose out on the stock market because they don’t do the research, they don’t look at the signs, they get antsy and they make their bids either too late or too early. Hunt’s proprietary technique aims to help correct that with proper study.

VTA Publications provides learning materials for long-distance learners who are interested in techniques like Hunt’s. VTA Publications publishes non-fiction coursework, and they have a veritable lexicon of financial and economic materials to choose from. Additionally, this group functions as a booker. They regularly bring seminars and conventions speakers of the caliber Mr. Hunt can boast.

If these truths can be capitalized on, why shouldn’t they be? If they can be shared, wouldn’t that be the right thing to do? To that end, Hunt seems to be blowing the whistle on financial cronies by allowing anyone willing to put forth the time, energy, and initial investment capital a chance at becoming a millionaire. This is done in just ten simple, carefully-made investments.

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    Between Mr. Hunt and VTA, it is clear there are more solutions available to the common man in the stock market than many realize. It is something that college paper writers do know that it is cool.

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