Imran Haque- Creating His Unique Medicine Niche in North Carolina

Dr Imran Haque believes that every business has its challenge and to strive you need a golden heart that embraces everyone. He advises keeping in touch with your friends, associates and friends is one way of acquiring long-lasting clients. Haque adds that having enough capital and working hard with goes long ways to making your business thrive. Dr. Imran believes that high-tech equipment and machinery play a vital role in making patients care smooth and manageable and it gives the doctor and patient enough time to bond. He states that multitasking is one habit that has made him a productive entrepreneur and it’s integrated into his daily life.

One thing Imran is careful about is people’s motives and says being kind is crucial but keeps off those who take advantage of your generosity. He believes that as an entrepreneur it’s important to be friendly to anyone you meet regardless of their background and his golden role to success is treat everyone equally. This will go a long way to building interpersonal relationships and building benevolent makes it easy to set a strong foundation of professional connections and clients networking.

Dr Haque finished his medical studies in 1998 with high honors at Santo Domingo prestigious University Universidad Iberoamerican. He later advanced his medical training at Roanoke-Salem Program for the Internal Medicine University of Virginia. As a young doctor, he believed that every patient needs to receive high-quality medical services and he received his North Caroling medical license.

Dr. Haque realized his dream at Horizon Internal Medicine his clinic that gives his patients right to the best treatment with in-office ultrasound and laboratory. At Horizon Internal Medicine he performs routine examinations, thorough check-ups that enable him to diagnose ailments and give effective treatment. He has over 15 years of internal medicine, and offers specific therapies and severs as North Carolina primary care physician. Through his corporation with different physicians and doctors, he has provided proper and accurate referrals to various specialists when needed making him the moved loved doctor in the area.