How Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Built a Digital Fashion Empire

There are many startups that come along and change the face of how we make purchase decisions. These startups set the gold standard for all who follow in their footsteps and change the landscape of tech forever. The people behind these startups are often serial entrepreneurs. This type of entrepreneurs are not afraid of failure, instead they consistently seek to bring change and to put their ideas into tangible action.


I always like to think about what we all did before Uber graced our streets with their innovative smartphone first ride sharing service. We rode in overpriced taxis, many of which frankly smelled horribly, and many people wanted to avoid the charge that was typically upwards of $40 by “risking it” driving on the streets. Then, Uber entered and we all have access to affordable, safe ride sharing.


In the fashion world, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have been building these types of innovative game changing startups since the mid 1990s. They are best known for their startup JustFab. JustFab offered discounts from designers across the globe. Each day an email went out that was full of fun fashion trends and purchases. I must admit, I have spent countless work hours browsing through JustFab’s daily featured deals, learning about new designers and then browsing those sites. JustFab helped us all stay abreast of trends while also creating daily incentives to make purchases and to try new styles that we may not have ventured out to try without the wonderful daily email.


Other than the content it provided, JustFab changed the game by offering an incredibly sleek email that was actually fun for people to read and browse. Since JustFab, the bar was ultimately raised for any other company. Companies had to be just as sleek and efficient. In fact, many people dropped their previous subscriptions to multiple e-commerce emails to just focus on the offerings provided by JustFab – something that had never been done before.


Ressler and Goldenberg saw the power of JustFab and went on to create several more successful e-commerce solutions. They consolidated these businesses under one parent company as their offerings continued to grow. That company is now TechStyle Fashion Group. Ressler and Goldenberg rebranded their company in 2016 to literally put Tech first in their name. While they focus on fashion, the technology and e-commerce aspect has always come first for them and the rebranding represents that within their new name.