How Brands Can Tell a Story on Social Media

Are you trying to build your brand on social media? The problem many brands face is finding the right tone for their social media branding efforts. Of course, you want to tell a story. That much you know. However, how you go about doing that is another story, pardon the pun.

Story marketing is one thing. It is easy for a story to go viral. However, if you want to tell the story of your brand, you need to make sure that you develop the story properly.

Of course, it helps if you are a good storyteller. There are many books and articles on how to tell better stories. However, brand storytelling is more than that.

There are three things that make stories interesting. Actually, there are three things that make stories into stories. The first is the protagonist of the story. Without a protagonist, the story is not a story. When it comes to brand storytelling, you have to position your brand and your company as the protagonist.

The protagonist needs to have a goal. Your brand should have a goal, too. This can be to make an impact in your industry. It can be to provide consumers with a solution that solves a pressing problem. There can be a number of goals that you are pursuing. You have to integrate these goals into the story.

Finally, you have to develop your story. You have to connect your protagonist, your brand, to the goal. That is the essence of storytelling.